Matthews, Northrup & Co.

Matthews, Northrup & Co. was a prominent American printing and publishing company based in Buffalo, New York. It operated during the late 19th and early 20th centuries and was known for producing high-quality illustrations, maps, and other printed materials.

The company was founded in 1873 by Edward Amherst Ott, Frederick W. Matthews, and George G. Herendeen. Initially named “Matthews & Northrup,” the firm focused on bookbinding and printing. In 1877, the company changed its name to “Matthews, Northrup & Co.” after William H. Northrup, a talented engraver and lithographer, joined as a partner.

Matthews, Northrup & Co. quickly gained a reputation for its excellence in printing and innovative use of lithography, a printing method that allowed for detailed and colorful illustrations. The company specialized in producing a wide range of products, including atlases, maps, travel guides, and promotional materials.

One of the most significant contributions of Matthews, Northrup & Co. was its involvement in the production of “The Encyclopaedia Britannica.” In the late 19th century, the company secured a contract to print the ninth edition of the encyclopedia, which was a monumental undertaking at the time.

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