Grondvlakte van Nieuw Orleans, de Hoofdstad van Louisiana [with] De Uitloop vande Rivier Missisippi [and] De Oostelyke ingang van de Missisippi met een Plan van het Fort

Cartographer(s): Isaak Tirion
Date: 1740
Place: Amsterdam
Dimensions: 33 x 44.7 cm (13 x 17.6 in)
Condition Rating: VG

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1740 plan of New Orleans and the Mississippi River Delta


A sought after, highly attractive and decorative sheet that shows three maps arranged around a large compass rose.

This work represents Tirion’s version of a map that was first executed by De la Tour in 1720, two years after New Orleans was officially founded.

In the left half of the plate is a plan of the city of New Orleans (corresponding roughly to the current French Quarter district) with a depiction of its protective canal, quays, and barracks.

Two smaller maps make up the right half. One is a map of the vicinity of New Orleans, including the delta region and surrounding bayou. The third map depicts the location of Fort la Balise, which sank into the marsh lands towards the end of the 18th century.


Isaak Tirion

Isaak Tirion (1705 in Utrecht – 1765 in Amsterdam) was an 18th-century publisher from the Northern Netherlands.

Condition Description

Wide margins. Mint.