Map of San Francisco showing its uneven topography and the present and proposed main conduits reservoirs and pumping plants of the Spring Valley Water Co.

Cartographer(s): The Union Litho. Co.
Date: 1908
Place: San Francisco
Dimensions: 69 x 53 cm (27 x 21 in)
Condition Rating: VG+

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Mapping San Francisco’s famous hills – an unrecorded Spring Valley Water Co. topography map.


This is an unusual map of the city of San Francisco that documents existing and proposed water supply infrastructure of the Spring Valley Water Co.

The most striking feature of the map is its illustration of the topography of the city, elegantly achieved by a combination of contour lines and color-coding. The power of the Spring Valley Water Co. and the extent to which San Francisco relied on its monopoly is on full display, with existing and proposed reservoirs, existing and proposed pumping plants, and existing and proposed conduits all plotted.

The only example of this map we have ever seen.


Condition Description

Very minor stain and chip on left side. Thin paper as printed.