Sana’a: Nortech Surveys (Yemen)

Cartographer(s): The Survey Authority
Date: 1992
Place: Sana'a
Dimensions: 58 x 82 cm (23 x 32 in)
Condition Rating: VG

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A large, separately-issued map of Sanaʽa, capital of the newly reunited Republic of Yemen.


An attractive and detailed map of Sanaʽa, made during a period of political optimism and economic growth in the immediate wake of Yemeni Unification, printed in Sana’a in the English language for the use of foreign businesspeople and diplomats.

The map showcases the old walled city, the surrounding new districts, plus the fast-growing suburbs of what in 1992 was a city of 1 million residents (today Sanaʽa has a population of over 4 million). It showcases major historical sites and, as explained in the legend, on the left-hand side, marks major roads, secondary roads, unpaved roads, tracks; the outlines of the old walls (both historical and still-standing); as well as denoting symbols for government buildings, communications facilities, banks, petrol stations, mosques, hotels, hospitals, police stations, fire stations, oil related companies, embassies, schools, bus/taxi stations. The tables below use numbers and grid references to identify specific entities within these classifications.

The present map was sponsored by the global logistics company DHL and a travel agency, Universal Travel, to serve the many foreigners that visited and resided in Sanaʽa during the early ‘90s. The map was designed by the Yemeni division of Nortech Surveys, a Canadian company that specializes in topographical mapping for the oil industry, which led to its strong presence in the Middle East.


Condition Description

Discreet closed tear in upper area, missing chip in blank upper-left corner.