Whisky Map of Scotland.

Cartographer(s): John Bartholomew & Son Ltd.
Date: 1976
Place: Not listed
Dimensions: 75.5 x 101.25 cm (29.75 x 40 in)
Condition Rating: VG

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A journey through the heritage and craftsmanship of Scotland’s finest distilleries.


This 1976 map of Scotland, created by John Bartholomew & Son Ltd., is a thematic map celebrating Scotland’s rich tradition of whiskey distillation. It highlights the country known for whiskey production, with its famous regions like Highlands, Lowlands, Speyside, Islay, and others.

Around the map, there are images and descriptions of various distilleries, showcasing their unique buildings, equipment, and settings. These illustrations may include landmarks and landscapes associated with each distillery, providing a sense of place and presenting the geographic diversity of Scottish whiskey production.

Overall, the map is a snapshot of the Scottish whiskey industry in the mid-1970s, including some distilleries that no longer exist or have since changed operations. It serves as both a guide for enthusiasts and a historical document of the industry at that time.


John Bartholomew & Son Ltd.

John Bartholomew and Son Ltd. was a renowned Scottish map-making company, a family business that traced its roots back to the 19th century. The company was famous for its detailed and innovative cartography and played a significant role in the development of modern map-making techniques. They were particularly known for their detailed city plans, wall maps, and atlases and for pioneering the use of color contouring in topographical maps.

The Bartholomew firm’s work was highly respected for its accuracy, artistry, and craftsmanship, and the name Bartholomew became synonymous with high-quality maps not just in the United Kingdom but internationally. The company also produced a wide range of thematic maps, like the whiskey map of Scotland, which combined the firm’s cartographic skills with cultural and historical content.

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