Northern California Bay Area – A Production Paradise.

Cartographer(s): Robert Zell-Breier
Date: 1990
Place: Jacksonville, FL
Dimensions: 60 x 87.5 cm (23.5 x 34.5 in)
Condition Rating: VG

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California’s other film industry.


A promotional pictorial view of the San Francisco Bay region, published in 1990 to highlight the area’s film industry and related businesses. It is especially notable for including businesses that were critical to the early stages of computer animation, including Pixar.

Oriented roughly towards the north, the view takes in the Bay Area from San Jose to Marin County, including portions of the East Bay. Businesses handling all elements of film production, from casting to camera crews, editing, sound, makeup, and more are included. Especially notable are Pixar and Lucasfilm (with its constituent parts listed) in Marin County. Near Pixar, the character Tinny from the short film Tin Toy appears; the short gained the attention of Disney and proved to be a predecessor to Pixar’s first feature-length film, Toy Story. Less well-known today is Pacific Data Images in Sunnyvale, towards the bottom, another pioneer in computer animation, which was purchased by DreamWorks in 2000 and incorporated into DreamWorks Animation.

Aside from businesses, local landmarks such as the Golden Gate and Bay Bridges, the Bay Area’s international airports, and sports stadiums are included.


Publication information

This view was drawn by Rob Zell-Breier and Terry ‘the Great’ Cheney for Bayside Promotions in 1990. Zell-Breier and Cheney drew several such promotional pictorial maps in the late 1980s and 1990s, sometimes under Bayside Promotions, which focused on promoting businesses related to the entertainment industry in various U.S. cities.


Robert Zell-Breier

Rob Zell-Breier (1947-2010) was an American illustrator and cartoonist, educated at the Newark School of Fine Arts and the Maryland Art Institute. He is best known for his delightful hand-drawn poster maps and other montages, which despite often having a distinct promotional or commercial goal, were embedded with humorous takes on the subject as well.

In addition to his illustrations, Zell-Breier was also an eloquent writer and was generally celebrated for his loving wit and generous spirit.

Condition Description

Some minor damage to the margins, else very good.