The early phase of California’s highway culture.

Official Highway Map of California and Western Nevada.

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Date: 1920
Place: San Francisco
Dimensions: 38 x 97 cm (15 x 38 in.)
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This California state road map from the year 1920 provides an excellent overview of the state’s highway network. During this era, car travel was becoming increasingly popular, and a growing network of roads spread across the state. The map was published by the California State Automobile Association (CSAA), which played a vital role in advocating for improved roads, promoting tourism, and providing resources to motorists. They published maps and guides, helping drivers navigate the state’s highways.

The map offers valuable insights into the state’s highway network, including major highways such as the Lincoln Highway, Pacific Highway, National Old Trails Road, Arrowhead Trail, and other state-designated routes. It also shows the locations of towns and cities, which serve as reference points along the highways, along with features of California’s topography and geography, such as rivers, mountains, deserts, and other notable natural landmarks that could help orient travelers.


Context is everything

In the early 1920s, California’s road system was still in its early stages of development, reflecting the state’s growing need for efficient transportation infrastructure. While the network was far from its modern-day scale and complexity, significant strides were being made to connect various regions and facilitate commerce, tourism, and personal travel.

California’s highway network in 1920 consisted primarily of a combination of paved and unpaved roads, many of which followed existing routes established during the Spanish and Mexican eras. The state was experiencing rapid population growth, prompting a need for improved transportation links between urban centers and rural areas.


California State Automobile Association

The California State Automobile Association (CSAA), also known as AAA Northern California, Nevada & Utah, is a prominent automobile club that has played a significant role in California’s transportation history. Established in 1900, the CSAA has been serving its members by providing roadside assistance, promoting road safety, and offering various travel-related services.

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