Tribal Areas of California

Cartographer(s): Pacific Western Traders
Date: 1988
Place: Folsom, CA
Dimensions: 56 x 86 cm (22 x 34 in)
Condition Rating: VG

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Informative 1988 map of distribution of Native American tribes in California.


This effective and unembellished map presents tribal areas of indigenous peoples of California, with a large inset map of the diffusion of language families in North and Central America. It appears to be the product of academic research, and its sources are listed on the map itself.

While published a little over 30 years ago, in many ways the map tells the story of California from over 300 years ago, before the colonization of California by Europeans. California has the largest population of Native Americans out of any state in the United States, with 723,000 identifying an “American Indian or Alaska Native” tribe as a component of their race (14% of the nation-wide total). This comprehensive map helps the viewer to understand the range and diversity of the distribution of Native Americas across the state.


Condition Description

Brown discoloration on bottom edge, minor rips and tears along side edges.