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Finely-engraved small map of the Western Hemisphere featuring a prominent Island of California and three elaborate cartouches.

Place/Date: Paris / 1700
Title: L’Amerique, Meridionale et Septentrionale Dressee selon les Dernieres Relations et Suivant les Nouvelles Decouvertes…
22.7 x 33.5 cm (9 x 13.3 in)
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This map of the Western Hemisphere by famed cartographer Nicolas de Fer is characterized by a mix of new discoveries and cartographic myths. A large Island of California with an indented coast stretches north from the Tropic of Cancer. To its north is a note that mentions access to a northern straight, a reference to the ever-wished-for Northwest Passage, but the Pacific Northwest is left largely blank.

The North American interior is dotted with spurious lakes, including a large Carolina lake, and a curious take on the drainage system of the Mississippi River. The Rio Grande is mapped with fair accuracy. The colony of Jamestown is plotted.

The map also depicts a partial coastline of New Zealand, based upon the discoveries of Abel Tasman, with the rest cleverly hidden under a cartouche.

This is the first state of the map, with publisher “Chez l’Autheur.”


Nicholas de Fer

Nicolas de Fer (1646–25 October 1720) was a French cartographer and geographer. He also was an engraver and publisher. In 1690, he became the official geographer to Louis, Dauphin of France. With support from the Spanish and French royal families, de Fer also became official geographer for Philip V and Louis XIV, the kings of Spain and France, respectively.

Condition Description

Remnants of a few pieces of archival tape to backside; tears at top left corner and vertical fold expertly repaired, washed with a few areas of loss at margins, still very nice, with clear impression; very good.


Leighly 105; McLaughlin 135; Tooley 61; Wagner NW Coast 482.

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