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Large and detailed 1942 Survey of Egypt bilingual map of Cairo and the Nile Delta.

Place/Date: Cairo / 1942
Title: Cairo
100 x 75.5 cm (39.4 x 29.7 in)
Old color
Condition Rating


This is the Cairo (No.2) sheet of the Survey of Egypt, published in 1942 at a time when Egypt was a British Protectorate.

With labels in both English and Arabic, this excellent map is centered on Cairo and the Nile Delta, extending west to include parts of the Western Desert and Alexandria, east to include the Suez Canal and parts of the Red Sea and Sinai Peninsula, and south to the Faiyum Oasis. It documents in great detail archaeological sites and tombs, railroads, camel routes, lighthouses, wireless stations, and landing grounds, along with the features of a varied natural landscape.

A table on the right side lists permanent water sources, with geographical coordinates and notes. Official ink stamps have been added to update the map with new place names.

As fine a map of the region as you will come across.


Survey of Egypt

Survey of Egypt was the official state survey department in the period of the British Protectorate, based in Cairo.

Condition Description

Folding map on thick paper. Minor blemishes.


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