An essential map for collectors of California, the American West, and 19th-century American atlas maps.

County Map of the State of California.

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Date: 1886
Place: Philadelphia
Dimensions: 15 x 24 in
Condition Rating: VG+
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A fine example of Samuel Augustus Mitchell’s county map of California, with a large inset of San Francisco at top-right and a smaller inset of the wider Bay Area at bottom-left. The San Francisco map contains many fascinating features of the late-19th century city, including Long Bridge (today’s 3rd Street) and the initial infilling of Mission Bay, along with the Russian Hill reservoir and aqueduct.

Counties are shaded with different colors to distinguish them easily. The county system is different than today’s configuration; for example, Riverside, Orange, Imperial and Ventura counties are all missing.

Among other features, the remarkable density of railroads (thick black lines) in California at the time is evident, as well as the streetcar (still horse-drawn) and cable car network in San Francisco.

Condition Description

Very good. Even toning.