Fine map of the North Pole and surrounding hemisphere on a polar projection.

A New & Accurate Map of the North Pole, with all the Countries hitherto Discovered…

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Cartographer(s): Emanuel Bowen
Date: 1746
Place: London
Dimensions: 40.5 x 38 cm (16 x 15 in)
Condition Rating: VG
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Excellent map of the North Pole showing northern Europe, Greenland and northern North America, including the Northeast Passage. Explanatory text addresses the Dobbs-Middleton controversy:

“It may be proper to Inform the Curious, that in laying down the Geography of Hudson’s Bay, and the Neighbouring Coasts &c We have consulted, and in some respects followed Capt. Middleton’s Draught; But more particular that of Capt.Smith’s and the Officer of the Furnance Sloop and Discovery Pink from 57 degrees to 67 North Latitude. We have also perused and derived some assistance from a chart of these parts lately published, Dedicated to Arthur Dobbs. The Authorities here referred to, are ye most authentick yet Extant; but the publick is in great Expectation of New Discoveries from th Expedition of the Dobbs Galley and the California which passed by Yarmouth the 31st of May 1746 under convoy of Loo of 40 Guns, on their Voyage to Discover the N.W. passage by Hudson’s Streits.”


Emanuel Bowen

Emanuel Bowen (1694-1767) was a British engraver, map-maker, and print seller, who was particularly well-known for his atlases and county maps. Bowen was widely acknowledged for his geographic expertise, and he was appointed as the official cartographer to both George II of England and Louis XV of France. Despite these appointments and the general acknowledgment, Bowen still died in poverty. Following his death, his London business passed to his son Thomas Bowen, who also seems to have struck on hard luck. Several of Emanuel Bowen’s apprentices would rise to fame after his death, including the illustrious English mapmakers Thomas Jeffreys and Thomas Kitchin.

Condition Description

Heavy centerfold with some wear. Upper margin slightly trimmed. Minor offsetting.