[Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic]

Cartographer(s): Unknown
Date: ca. 2010
Place: Transnistria
Dimensions: 47 x 68 cm (18.5 x 26.8 in)
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The map of Transnistria you never knew you needed, a.k.a. the only map of Transnistria you’ll ever need.


This map of Transnistria emphasizes national pride. Sharing the top with the title (Приднестровская Молдавская Республика) is the Transnistrian emblem, which shows clear Soviet roots, as does its flag. Below a large text box displays the Anthem of Transnistria — “We sing the praises of Transnistria” — with lyrics in all three official languages of Transnistria: Romanian, Russian, and Ukrainian.

Transnistria or Transdniestria, officially the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic, is a breakaway state in the narrow strip of land between the river Dniester and the Ukrainian border that is internationally recognized as part of Moldova. Its capital is Tiraspol. Transnistria has been recognized only by three other mostly non-recognized states: Abkhazia, Artsakh, and South Ossetia. The region is considered by the UN to be part of Moldova.

Transnistria is designated by the Republic of Moldova as the Transnistria autonomous territorial unit with special legal status.

After the dissolution of the USSR, tensions between Moldova and the breakaway Transnistrian territory escalated into a military conflict that started in March 1992 and was concluded by a ceasefire in July of the same year. As part of that agreement, a three-party (Russia, Moldova, Transnistria) Joint Control Commission supervises the security arrangements in the demilitarized zone, comprising twenty localities on both sides of the river. Although the ceasefire has held, the territory’s political status remains unresolved: Transnistria is an unrecognized but de facto independent semi-presidential republic with its own government, parliament, military, police, postal system, currency and vehicle registration. Its authorities have adopted a constitution, flag, national anthem and coat of arms.

It is the only country still using the hammer and sickle on its flag.


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