Flag Map of California [Signed in pencil by W.J. Goodacre]


Cartographer(s): WJ Goodacre
Date: [copyright] 1936
Place: Santa Barbara, CA
Dimensions: 48.5 x 64 cm (13 x 18 in)
Condition Rating: VG+

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Goodacre’s wonderful flag map of California, signed by the mapmaker.


Dynamic pictorial map tracing the history of political claims to California, from Sir Francis Drake to statehood. We see California as an object of desire, with various explorers and generals planting their nation’s flag in attempts to claim sovereignty over this great land. This of course includes Spanish and Russian claims, but also more obscure chapters in the history of California, such as when Argentine captain Hippolyte Bouchard captured Monterey for sixteen days in 1818.

Also documented are the momentous events of the 19th century, including Mexican independence, the famous Bear Flag revolt, and the incorporation of California into the United States of America.

A superb example.


WJ Goodacre

William Johnson Goodacre was a commercial artist who emigrated to California from England in 1924. Settling in Santa Barbara, he produced a range of important maps and book illustrations that often embodied a more or less explicit lesson to be learned. This included a map of Santa Barbara and a map on the flags of California. His most famous poster map is probably the “Romance of the Missions” poster from the mid 1930s. Goodacre’s original maps are generally scarce on the market.

Condition Description

Minor blemishes; very good.


OCLC 42139096.