Atlanta Karte der Besatzungszonen mit neuen Postleitgebieten; Map of the Occupation Areas. Carte des Zones d’Occupation. Der Besatzungs-Zonen mit Neuen Postleitgebieten. Karta Okkupacionnych Zon

Cartographer(s): Atlanta Service
Date: 1945
Place: Franfurt am Main
Dimensions: 39 x 54.5 cm
Condition Rating: VG

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A post-WWII map of occupied Germany and Central Europe divided into American, British, French, and Russian zones.


This fascinating map bridges the divide between World War II and the Cold War. Hitler is dead, and we see the division of the defeated German Empire by the new “big three”: Churchill, Truman, and Stalin. Along with France, the nations of these three leaders met at the Potsdam Conference in the summer of 1945. Germany was divided into four zones of occupation, as seen on this map, which was published in English, Russian, German, and French.

Peace finally prevailed in a weary Europe. And yet, during the conference, Truman was secretly informed that the Trinity bomb test had been successful, and thus if we read between the lines on this map, we can see the origins of the Cold War.


Condition Description

Some wear, spotting, and discoloration.