L’Afrique Divisee Suivant l’Estendue de Ses Principales Parties ou sont Distingues les uns des Autres…

Cartographer(s): Pierre Mortier
Date: ca. 1695
Place: Amsterdam
Dimensions: 54 x 88 cm (21.25 x 34.5 in)
Condition Rating: VG

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Late 17th century Jaillot map of Africa


Pierre Mortier’s publication of Jaillot’s revised version of Sanson’s 1668 map of Africa. This issue undated, with Mortier’s imprint in the scale.

The map presents the standard depiction of the source of the Nile based on Ptolemy. However, Jaillot introduced a new depiction of the rivers south of the Ptolemaic lakes. The Zambeze River appears above the Zambere and Rio de Spiritu Santo, all of which flow into the Indian Ocean.

A large section of South America is shown and two St. Helena islands appear – a common error in maps from this period.

The large distance scale cartouche has six scales. The decorative title cartouche, also copied from Jaillot, includes a tumult of figures, cornucopias, an elephant, crocodile, lion and ostrich, all under the coat of arms of the Dauphin.


Pierre Mortier

Pieter Mortier (1661–1711) was an 18th-century mapmaker and engraver from the Northern Netherlands.

Condition Description

Some minor soiling, wear along centerfold with paper repair on verso.