The British Governments in Nth. America Laid Down Agreeable to the Proclamation of Octr. 7. 1763

Cartographer(s): John Gibson
Date: 1763
Place: London
Dimensions: 23.4 x 20.4 cm (9.2 x 8 in)
Condition Rating: VG

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Map of boundaries following the French and Indian War, with Bermuda inset


This important map was designed to illustrate the new boundaries established at the end of the French and Indian War when England came into possession of former French and Spanish settlements in Canada and Florida. It covers the east coast from Newfoundland down the coast to East and West Florida, the Bahamas, inland including the Great Lakes and French Louisiana.

The map is filled with interesting information, including a boundary line indicating the limits of the Hudson’s Bay Company (the powerful fur-trading empire), a depiction of fishing banks off Nova Scotia (already for centuries an important area of cod fishing), and a large Lands Reserved for the Indians lies west of the Appalachians.

Florida is divided into East and West, representing the West Florida Controversy, a territorial dispute with Spain that grew out of the ambiguities of the Louisiana Purchase.

Each colony is shown with a widely-engraved line and a large inset illustrates Bermuda, also known as the ‘Summer Islands.’

A compass rose with a fleur-de-lis decorates this strong engraving.


Condition Description

Issued folding with faint toning and offsetting from an opposing page of text.


Fite & Freeman #55; Jolly #GENT-170; McCorkle #763.3; Sellers & Van Ee #110.