Colombia Prima or South America Drawn from the Large Map in Eight Sheets by Louis Stanislas D’Arcy Delarochette

Cartographer(s): James Wyld
Date: ca. 1854
Place: London
Dimensions: 78 x 106.5 cm (31 x 42 in)
Condition Rating: VG+

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Lovely mid-19th century map of South America.


Stunning and detailed map of South America, from James Wyld’s A New General Atlas of Modern Geography and based on the eight sheet map of South America (‘Colombia Prima’) by Delarochette. Included are a table showing civil divisions with square miles and population figures, along with three altitude insets after Humboldt.


James Wyld

James Wyld (1812–1887) was a British geographer and map dealer based in London who had taken over his father’s business at Charing Cross in London.

In his own day, Wyld was best known for his so-called Great Globe, which was a popular attraction that dominated Leicester Square for more than a decade between 1851 and 1862. The enormous globe allowed people to climb an interior staircase and study a scaled topographic model of the Earth on the concave interior.

Above all, however, Wyld was a mapmaker who made his living compiling and selling maps throughout the western world. He also served as a Member of Parliament for Bodmin. In 1838, James Wyld married Anne Hester and their son, James John Cooper Wyld, would later take over the business and become a prolific mapmaker in his own right.

Condition Description

On linen; comes with original case. Some wear; small spot above the westernmost elevation profile.