Mapa de America: Razas, Indumentaria, Banderas, Escudos Y Producciónes

Cartographer(s): Cervello, Chocolates Jaime Boix
Date: ca. 1927
Place: Barcelona
Dimensions: 48.5 x 60 cm (19 x 23. 5 in)
Condition Rating: VG

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Pictorial Interwar North & South America


This is a pictorial map of North and South America published sometime in the 1920s or early 1930s as a promotion for the Chocolates Jaime Boix company of Barcelona, Spain. Usually produced in the form of a puzzle map or as trading cards, this variant instead is uncut.

The map is filled with marvelous images of different peoples throughout South, Central, and North America, including Alaska and Greenland. Important agricultural products and industries are also depicted pictorially, including: Argentinian beef, Costa Rican bananas, Cuban cigars, a Hollywood film crewman, New England whales, and Pacific Northwest Salmon – to name just a few. The figures are a mix between indigenous peoples in traditional dress, and historical characters, for example the cowboy who is placed just above San Francisco.

Each personage is numbered with a corresponding key and descriptions on the verso. An inset displays the flags and coat-of-arms of each country in the Western Hemisphere.

The map is signed Cervello, but we haven’t been able to track down information on this artist.


Condition Description

Some minor fading, with some water marks and wear at the edges. Printed on thick, sturdy paper.