Ashburn’s Dallas City Map.


Date: 1956
Place: Fort Worth
Dimensions: 63 x 47 cm (25 x 18.5 in)
Condition Rating: VG

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A beautiful hand water-colored 1956 map of Dallas, TX.


This a vintage map of Dallas, Texas, from 1956. It serves as a historical document, encapsulating the urban and infrastructural landscape of the city during the mid-20th century.

The plan includes a detailed street layout, highlighting the grid pattern of downtown Dallas, with major roads extending into burgeoning suburbs. It delineates transportation routes, such as the existing railroads and highways, along with Love Field Airport, a significant transportation hub even before the advent of the modern interstate system.

Prominent landmarks, including the Texas School Book Depository, Fair Park—a legacy of the 1936 Texas Centennial Exposition—and Southern Methodist University, are noted for their cultural and educational importance. Recreational areas like White Rock Lake and the Dallas Zoo are marked to illustrate the city’s commitment to public spaces.

Suburban expansion, a hallmark of post-World War II development, is evident on the map, showcasing Dallas’s growth as a consequence of economic prosperity and the nationwide trend towards suburbanization. Cultural sites, including theaters and museums, highlight the city’s vibrant cultural scene. Overall, the map not only provides a geographical representation but also a sociocultural snapshot of Dallas in 1956.


Bekins Moving & Storage Co. J. Foster Ashburn

J. Foster Ashburn (ca. 1930 – 1980) was an American mapmaker based in Fort Worth Texas. He made maps of Texas and regional cities, often under contract with oil companies.

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