Jean Joseph Augustin Sorbier (1774-1809), served with distinction in the French Army for a number of years, before his death in May, 1809. He was named Chef de Brigade on January 6, 1801, Officer of the Legion d’Honneur on June 14, 1804 and General de Brigade on December 19, 1807. Sorbier was still signing his correspondence as “aide-de-camp” in May of 1807, as reflected in correspondence from Sorbier to Beauharnais, during which time Soriber was sent on a mission to Constantinople in the Spring of 1807 on behalf of Napoleon, wherein Sorbier sought to strengthen France’s relationship with Sultan Selim III and his Grand Vizier as a French ally against Russia and England and to encourage the Ottoman Empire to attack Russia ( May 6, 1807 letter from Sorbier to Beauharnias from Travnik). During this same time period, French engineers were dispatched to strengthen the shore defenses around Constantinople against possible attacks by the English, led by Admiral Duckworth.

Colonel Sorbier apparently served as aide-de-campe and commander of artillery for Beauharnais from 1804 until his dispatch on his mission to Constantinople and was shortly thereafter promoted to General. Sorbier died of wounds suffered in battle in 1809.

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