David Horsey

David Horsey (1951-) is an illustrator who was working for the Seattle Post Intelligencer when he drew one of his most famous illustrations: a satirical map entitled The World According To Ronald Reagan (1982; reissued in an updated state in 1987).  After graduating with degrees from the Universities of Washington and Kent (England), Horsey entered journalism as a political reporter. He covered major international events and worked as a correspondent in Europe, Japan, and Mexico. 

A two-time winner of the Pulitzer Prize for editorial cartooning (1999 & 2003), David Horsey’s work was syndicated by Tribune Media Services and appeared in hundreds of different media outlets. Nevertheless, his primary position was as a political commentator and cartoonist for the Los Angeles Times. He has published eight books of cartoons, including the recent “Draw Quick, Shoot Straight” (2007) and “Refuge of Scoundrels” (2013).

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