George S. McComb

Little is known about the life of George S. McComb. From a notice on page 15 of The San Francisco Examiner for December 1st, 1889, we know that he married one Josephine E. Silva in late November of that year. We glean from the same notice that the groom’s father was General John McComb, who emigrated to San Francisco in 1849, where he worked as a printer for many years, including as manager of the State Printing Office. In 1861, McComb Sr. joined the California National Guard and was ultimately appointed Brigadier General in 1875. When the San Francisco Riot broke out two years later, McComb Sr. was asked to mobilize the State Militia to suppress the rioting.

From a 1918 court case in which George S. McComb testified as a witness, we learn that he worked as a deputy clerk at the Superior Court of the City and County of San Francisco between 1891 and 1892, clerking for Judge Troutt. Other than this, his personal history is obscure.

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