Jan Luyken (1649-1712) was a Dutch poet, illustrator, and engraver. Born in Amsterdam, he learned engraving from his father, Kaspar Luyken. At the age of 19, he married and fathered several children (including the famous engraver Kasparus Luiken). When he turned 26, Luyken converted to the Mennonite church, inspiring him to write moral poetry.

Luyken is probably best known for his innate ability to recreate historical periods and settings in his art. Among his most notable contributions were the illustrations for the 1685 edition of The Martyr’s Mirror, to which he contributed 104 copper etchings (although only thirty of these plates have survived). In 1694, Luyken published “Het Menselyk Bedryf” (“The Book of Trades”), a work that also showcased numerous engravings, this time depicting a broad variety of trades from the 17th century.