Antoine Sartine

Antoine de Sartine, also known as Antoine Raymond Jean Gualbert Gabriel de Sartine, was a significant figure in French history, particularly known for his role in intelligence and maritime affairs. Born in 1729, Sartine played a key role during the reign of King Louis XV and Louis XVI.

Sartine’s most notable contributions were in the realms of policing and naval administration. He served as the Lieutenant General of Police in Paris starting in 1759, where he was instrumental in modernizing and reorganizing the city’s police force. He established a network of spies and informants, which made him very effective in controlling crime and monitoring public opinion.

In 1774, Sartine was appointed as the Secretary of State for the Navy by Louis XVI. In this role, he was responsible for the administration and reform of the French Navy. He is credited with revitalizing the French naval forces, which had been weakened after the Seven Years’ War. His efforts significantly strengthened France’s naval capabilities, which played a crucial role in the American Revolutionary War, where France was an ally of the American colonies against Britain.

Sartine’s administration oversaw and commissioned cartographic works as part of naval and maritime activities. The mapping of seas, coastlines, and harbors were critical for naval strategy and operations, especially during a time of significant maritime exploration and military conflict.

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