Henry Salt (14 June 1780 – 30 October 1827) was an English artist, traveler, collector of antiquities, diplomat, and Egyptologist.

After a time as a portrait painter, Salt traveled with the English nobleman George Annesley as his secretary and draughtsman. They started on an eastern tour in June 1802, traveling on the British East India Company’s extra (chartered) ship Minerva to India via the Cape Colony. Salt explored the Cape of Good Hope, India, and the Red Sea area.

In 1805, Salt journeyed into the Abyssinian area (now Ethiopia) to meet with Wolde Selassie, Ras of Tigray, to open up trade relations on behalf of the English. Salt returned to Ethiopia in 1809 on a government mission to develop trade and diplomatic links with the Ethiopian Emperor Egwale Seyon.

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