Morton Edgar (1884 – 1950) was a Scottish amateur archeologist and pyramidologist who visited Egypt in 1909 along with his brother John Edgar. Morton was a student of Charles Taze Russell (1852 – 1916), who founded the Christian group that would eventually become the Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Russell strongly advocated a theory that the Great Pyramid of Giza was a mystical edifice connected to the events predicted in Revelations. While his brother died shortly before their joint work was published, Morton dedicated himself to the cause of pyramidology, lecturing extensively throughout Europe and the United States.

John Edgar (1862 – 1910) was a Scottish surgeon, amateur archeologist, and pyramidologist who traveled to Egypt in the summer of 1909. John was educated as a doctor at Glasgow University, becoming a known expert in gynecology and pre-natal pediatrics. He died in 1910, the same year his book on the Great Pyramid was published.