John Bennett was one part of the famous 18th-century writing partnership, Sayer & Bennett.  Bennett was originally a servant to Robert Sayer, who was a prominent printer and map seller in London. Sayer took Bennett in as an apprentice in 1765 and nine years later, in 1774, he officially became Sayer’s partner in the business. Together they produced numerous highly sought-after cartographic publications, just as they made a fortune on printing advertisements and other commercial material.

The partnership initially went very well, with Bennett taking over an ever greater part of the business from Sayer. By 1777, Bennett owned more than 30% of the firm, but within a few years, he began showing signs of mental health problems. Sayer hoped that a nine-month stint at a London asylum in 1783 would help, but it was to no avail and the following year Robert Sayer was forced to dissolve their otherwise successful business.

Bennett died shortly after, in 1787.

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