Lieutenant Richard Wace (1842-1920) was born in Oxfordshire on 16 July 1842. He was educated at Marlborough, Repton and Kings College in London, and later at the Royal Military Academy in Woolwich. In January 1864, he was commissioned into the Royal Artillery and sent to India following his initial training. Arriving in Calcutta on the Conflict in October 1864, he led his first detachment via Delhi and Rawalpindi to Attock from November 1864 to January 1865. He joined the Heavy Field Battery (3/4 Brigade R.A.) at Peshawar in February 1865 and was appointed Commissar of Ordnance at the famous British fort there.

Wace returned briefly to England in 1867 before coming back to Calcutta for another posting. He worked for the Survey Department of the Government of India, but was sent home after severe dysentery in May 1873. In 1874, Wace returned once again to Calcutta, this time as Assistant Superintendent to the Ordnance Factories, where he served three years (1874-1877) before being given command of the Bombay Mountain Battery at Rajkot during the Afghan War. He returned permanently to England in 1881, serving in a range of positions before being promoted to Major General in 1902. His final appointment was a Commander of the Royal Artillery in 1913. Wace passed away in 1920.

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