Woodward, Tiernan & Hale

William Henry Woodward (1834-1904) was an American printer and publisher based in St Louis. The family had emigrated from England when Woodward was still a young boy, and had lived in several East Coast states before finally settling in St Louis. Woodward was trained as a printer under David Atwood at the Wisconsin Statesman. After working some years for the Missouri Republican, he established his own firm. After the Civil War, Woodward joined forces with James Tiernan (1838-1886), and later also with William B. Hale, leading to the imprint “Woodward, Tiernan and Hale”. Following several years of fruitful collaboration, Woodward’s partners withdrew. But in stead if going up, Woodward continued to run his firm, growing it to one of the largest printing companies in Missouri.

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