Jacobus Tirinus

Jacobus Tirini/Tirinus (1580–1636) was a Jesuit monk and theologian from Antwerp in Belgium. After being admitted into the Jesuit Order, he became a recognized Biblical scholar and was assigned as ”First Superior” to the Jesuit House in Antwerp and Director of the Mission in Holland, one of the primary loci in the 17th-century struggle for religious dominance.

Tirini is perhaps best known for his Commentarius Vestus et Novum Testamentum Tomis Tribus Comprehensus (also entitled Commentarius in Sacram Scripturam) – a Bible commentary produced at the height of Europe’s religious wars, which is still referenced today (published 1645). For map aficionados, he perhaps is better known for his earlier Chorographia Terrae Sanctae in Angustiorem Formam Redacta (c. 1632), which included his seminal map of the Holy Land.

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