Joseph Meyer

Joseph Meyer (May 9, 1796 – June 27, 1856) was a German businessman and publisher of maps and atlases. After an active early career in business, which included early investments in railways, Meyer founded the publishing house Bibliographisches Institut in Gotha in 1826, which moved to Hildburghausen two years later. Initially, the publisher focused on reliable sellers like Bibles and encyclopedias, but gradually moved into maps and atlases and became especially known for its ‘Meyer’s Groẞer Hand-Atlas.’ After Joseph’s death, his son continued the business and continued to find great success, moving to Leipzig in 1874, with periodic bumps in the road due to wars and economic crises. The company survived both world wars and was divided along with Germany, but after 1991 moved back to its original location in Leipzig. In 1984, the company merged with a competitor to form Bibliographisches Institut & F. A. Brockhaus AG, which survives today.

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