The Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge (SDUK) was a learned society and publishing organization founded in London in 1826. Its primary objective was to promote and disseminate practical and educational information to the general public. The society aimed to bridge the gap between academia and the wider population by making knowledge accessible and useful to all.

The SDUK had a diverse range of activities and publications, including maps, atlases, and books on various subjects. Its most notable contributions were in the field of cartography. The society produced a series of highly detailed and informative maps covering different regions of the world. These maps were widely praised for their accuracy and became popular reference materials.

The maps published by the SDUK were known for their distinctive style. They often incorporated detailed topographical information, including rivers, mountains, cities, and major landmarks. The maps also featured transportation routes, such as roads, canals, and railways, reflecting the growing importance of transportation in the 19th century.

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